IFS Logistics certification ensures security and transparency throughout the supply chain. It is an objective proof that the logistics company meets the international standard for transport and storage. It confirms that the company operates in accordance with current legal regulations regarding the safety of transported and stored food.

Logistics activities such as transport and food loading and unloading have long been a weak point in the supply chain, and the requirements that logistics and transport companies must meet in terms of quality and safety are becoming more and more complex. That's why IFS Logistics Standard was developed to bridge the gap between food production, trade and logistics.

From the very beginning, FreshQ Transport has been focusing on the high quality of its logistics services. We specialize in comprehensive logistics service for food products that require controlled temperature. These products are extremely demanding to storage and transport conditions. Our team makes sure that each product we transport is safe and maintains its high quality. We constantly improve our processes, going to perfection in what we do. The highest quality of our services is confirmed by a very high score of 97.66%, obtained in the last IFS Logistics certification audit, carried out by the renowned certification body DEKRA Certification GmbH. We are particularly proud of the result as it was an unannounced audit carried out in accordance with the latest IFS Logistics 2.3 standards.