Refrigerated transport is a fast-growing segment of logistics. The specificity of this branch focuses on the transport of foodstuffs that need to be kept at a sufficiently cold temperature in order to remain fresh. This is particularly true for perishable foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruit, chocolate products, dairy products and meat.

This type of transport is exactly what FreshQ does. We started to provide our refrigerated delivery services in 2018 and currently the scale of transport achieved international status. Many years of experience of the team have enabled us to develop innovative transport techniques that comply with current European Union standards. Germany, the Netherlands or perhaps countries around the Mediterranean Basin? Our specialised vehicles will deliver your goods to almost any corner of Europe!

Refrigerated courier services – How are they provided?

The frozen transport from the first location to the final destination sometimes takes a considerable amount of time because the driver has to drive through many countries and cities within them. This is why it is so important that foodstuffs and other products are adequately protected against harmful factors, including high temperatures. This is because foodstuffs are at risk of losing their original freshness during delivery which has a consequent effect on quality and taste.

This entire procedure includes several steps. How does FreshQ perform this type of transport?

    1. Preparation – this is when we establish the key issues with the customer that will improve effective delivery. In the scope of this stage, we plan the route, determine requirements such as temperature and delivery time and choose which refrigerated trucks will work best for the aforementioned factors.
    2. Loading the goods – once all aspects have been discussed with the customer, it is time to load the products within the predetermined date. This step is based on the proper distribution of the goods to maintain optimal air circulation and even cooling.
    3. Temperature monitoring – no temperature monitoring in refrigerated transport? It's no go! Once the selected goods are loaded into the vehicles, the FreshQ team initiates a temperature tracking process to check that all cooling systems are maintaining the correct and intended environmental conditions.
    4. Transport – once the necessary installations are in place and verified, the actual transport takes place. Qualified drivers, who are part of FreshQ, ensure that the planned route is followed and, above all, that the delivery is safe and smooth. Due to the fact that the logisticians are adequately trained in this area, in the event of any technical problems they take the necessary and correct action to enable further transport.
    5. Unloading – when the vehicle is registered in the agreed place, according to the schedule, then the unloading of the goods begins. The products are then delivered to the target receiving points. This stage is performed at an efficient and fast pace to avoid product thawing.
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European refrigerated transport – The fleet matters!

The essence of refrigerated transport is to cooperate with the appropriate carriers equipped with temperature-controlled containers. FreshQ provides frozen courier services using professional equipment designed for long-distance routes. This is exactly what we specialise in. We have 40 trucks at our disposal, while the entire fleet consists of as many as 300 at our disposal. Transporting goods has never been so easy! Thanks to the large number of vehicles, the FreshQ team is able to transport several tonnes of foodstuffs at a time. No more unnecessary additional costs! The refrigeration systems in the containers are adapted individually, depending on the type of products and the journey time. All of them have one thing in common, however, and that is a high degree of temperature control which is essential for this type of transport.


International refrigerated transport – Safety first

FreshQ's professionalism does not end solely with the vehicles dedicated to these transports. The company is also distinguished by its trained staff of logistics experts who have been involved in this segment for many years. For this reason, they can guide customers from the first stage of the process right through to the last in the scope of the refrigerated transport. A qualified team of drivers pays particular attention to a high level of safety during delivery, so that the risk of breakdowns or unscheduled delays is minimised to practically zero.

FreshQ is international freight forwarder that specialises in refrigerated transport services! We are looking forward to doing business with you. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to dispel them.

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